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Standard Slipforming

Used for round and rectangular tower-shaped structures


With our extensive know-how, you can rest assured knowing we will deliver your project, on schedule, with the right height and shape.

Standard slipforms are used for round and rectangular tower-shaped structures with a constant cross-section.

Their main application consists of building all kinds of building cores, single-compartment and multi-compartment silos, as well as cylindrical flue-gas stacks and bridge pillars.

Standard slipforming works as follows: Vertical strongback yokes are joined with a pair of horizontal yoke plates in order to create a rigid yoke frame. The formwork face panels, working decks, and hanging scaffolds are mounted on this yoke frame.

Depending on your preference, one or two hanging scaffolds can be set up on the form for curing the concrete or for applying a coating if necessary.